November 26, 2013

The Copper Family!

Meet the Copper Family!
Corey and Cyndi were introduced to my Husband and I by my brother. My brother and Corey work together and are best buds. We were first introduced in Put in Bay where we were taking an Adult trip, four couples and cold Ohio weather-Go figure! Nonetheless, we hit it off and have built a growing friendship since then! We both have little ones close to the same age, which pretty much made us instant friends. Caitlin is such a joy, so smart and talkative...and those dimples! She loved our Christmas theme, filled with hot cocoa and cookies for Santa. Whenever Caitlin needed to blow off some steam, it gave Mama and Daddy some snugglin' time, which snugglin' photos are by far my favorite.
I hope you enjoy their sweet, cuddly session as much as I did.

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